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While creating this site, I searched the Web for pages which offered images of Mary for free use. At first I had a very hard time finding them (conventional search engines proved all but useless). But I did eventually find many pages offering Marian images. I've provided links to them here so that you won't have to go through what I did to find that perfect picture for your site! :-)

Together, these links provide hundreds of pictures of Mary from all over the world and from different eras of Christian history (including the lovely picture above)! Many of them can be downloaded free of charge (always check first).

Catholic Online Marian Art Gallery. Twelve lovely pictures on this page, including a striking one by Joseph Stella.

The Blessed Virgin Mary Art Page. Another twelve pictures here, many depicting Mary's life.

Holy Rosary Page: Pictures Gallery Twelve images of Mary, plus six of Jesus.

The Mantle Art Gallery. Numerous images of Jesus, Mary, Saints and sacramentals.

The Faces of Mary: An Online Marian Gallery All images are copyrighted, and the gallery requires a Java capable browser.

Novgorod Icons: the Virgin.

Mother of God Icons. Two great collections of Eastern Christian images. They do not say that one can download them, so please ask permission before using these ikons!

Rare Portraits of the Blessed Virgin Mary. More ikons; these are from the Coptic (Egyptian Christian) tradition. Again, ask permission before downloading anything.

Arte Sacro Mexicano Museo Virtual. A collection of Mexican religious art, includes many pictures of the Virgin. Ask permission before using anything.

The "MaryTalk" Picture Gallery. Quite a collection here! Thirty-two images of Mary from around the world which you can download for free!

MaxKol Main Picture Gallery

The Catholic Tradition. This site has lots of beautiful Catholic graphics, many of Mary (including one similar to the one on top of this page). (With links to pages which the Mystical Rose Catholic Page does not intend to endorse by this link).

Perpetual Divine Mercy Crusade. Similar to the one above; has many different images of Our Lady.

The Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Seventeen free images of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Takes a while to load, but offers something for just about everyone.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Image Collection. Fifty images of Our Lady of Mount Carmel from around the world.

Our Lady's Gallery. You must check out this one: one hundred and thirty Marian pictures! The picture on the top of this page came from this site. Lovely Marian wallpaper also available here, and it's all free (though you have to notify the people who maintain that site, and use it in a reverent manner, of course).

Patron Saints Index: The Blessed Virgin Mary This biographical page on Blessed Mother has links to a number of galleries of Marian Art on Catholic Forum. The collection is truly incredible; two of the galleries have over 100 pictures each! Another "must see".

Nursing Madonna Images.

The oldest-known image of the Mother of God, in the Catacomb of Priscilla in Rome, depicts her nursing the Infant Jesus. Over the centuries many more artists have depicted this precious subject. Some such images are featured in the Gallery of Breastfeeding Art. (The site does not indicate that these pictures are available for personal use, so if you wish to download any of them, ask permission first).

To Jesus through Mary: check out the Links to Images of Jesus.

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