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Some visitors to the Mystical Rose Catholic Page have asked me to suggest good Catholic literature for them to read.  I have suggested titles, attempting to help them as much as I could. But I realize that not everyone has a good Catholic bookstore near them.

Now the Mystical Rose Catholic Page has opened its own virtual bookstore, The Rosa Mystica Bookstore, to make it easy for visitors to find and order books on Catholic theology, apologetics, spirituality and the holy Mother of God. One can also order CD's, DVD's and videos through this service.

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The Rosa Mystica Book Store is an associate of As you may know, is an established, trustworthy retailer which offers millions of books, CD's, videos, even toys and electronics!  They provide top-notch customer service and ship books worldwide. You will be dealing directly with, so you can be assured of professional, courteous service and a great selection.

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New Featured Titles:
Man for All Seasons

* A Man for All Seasons (1966) VHS (also available in DVD)

One of my all-time favorites, about the great English martyr, Saint Thomas More.  A powerful film which never fails to challenge me:  Would I have the strength to do as Sir Thomas did if I were in his situation?  Many of the lines of dialogue are very thought-provoking.  Highly recommended viewing.
Abba Pater

* Abba Pater CD

A beautiful, moving recording of the Holy Father's words put to internation music.
* * will be responsible for all customer service, including payment processing, ordering, shipping, order status reports and even cancellations or returns of any kind.  They offer a wide range of shipping options to both U.S. and worldwide customers. offers customers a safe option for Internet purchases:  the Netscape Secure Commerce Server, which encrypts any information you type in.  You don't have to worry about your credit card number being stolen while shopping online!

If you are an international customer, and are concerned about placing an order in U.S. dollars at, here is a link to the Full Universal Currency Converter.  You can use it to determine the price of titles at in your own currency before placing an order.  (The currency converter will open in a new window; just minimize it until you need it.)

If you have any questions about orders or using the system, please access the home page at:

The "Need Help?" link at the bottom of their page will provide you with a list of appropriate contacts at

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