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Note: I have temporarily disconnected the Mystical Rose Message Board, pending the completion of some answers to previous posts. In the meantime, everyone can visit the new Mystical Rose Web Forum (see link below). The rules for this new forum are the same as for the message board, which will be back again shortly, God willing.

After much deliberation, I have decided to add a Message Board to this site.  At first I hesitated, since I have seen such forums abused in the past. But I finally created one to help make this site more interactive.  The web-browsing public may post messages and questions on the Message Board as long as they adhere to the following guidelines (intended to minimize abuses):

Remember that the opinions expressed on this Message Board are those of the individuals who post them.  Some of these individuals may disagree with Catholic teaching, and may say so in the post.  So the opinions expressed on this Message Board (or at URLs posted on this board) do not necessarily represent the beliefs of the Mystical Rose Home Page, its webmaster, or the official teaching of the Holy Catholic Church!

The moderator reserves the right to monitor this Message Board for adherence to these rules, and to alter the rules at any time.  The moderator does not edit postings and is not responsible for the content of posted comments other than her own.  Each individual is entirely responsible for all messages which he or she posts.

The moderator reserves the right to delete any post which violates the above rules, at any time and at her sole discretion.  Repeated violations of the rules by one individual may result in a ban on future posts from that person.  If too many people abuse this forum, the moderator may choose to discontinue it, on her sole discretion.

Whew!  To all the readers who would never think of doing any of the above:  I wrote these rules because there are certain people out there who might just do such things.  I hope you understand.  :-)

If you agree to the above requirements, you can now Go to the Mystical Rose Web Forum!

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