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Theotokos Icon Mary Menu (From EWTN)
Mary: Holy Mother, by Scott Hahn (transcript of tape)
Mary, the Mother of Jesus
Scriptural Catholicism: Mary. (SC)
Is There a Byzantine Mariology? by Bro. John Samaha.
The Key to Understanding Mary
In Defense of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Catholic Doctrinal Concordance: Mary.
Catholic Marian Doctrines: A Brief Biblical Primer

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(See also the section on Mary's Role in the Redemption below)
The New Eve
Mary: Sinless Eve. (SC)
Mary, the New Eve -by John Paul II (9/18/96)
Mary, the Ark of the Covenant (tape transcript)

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Theotokos (COR)
Mother of God
Mary, Mother of God (EWTN)
Mary: Mother of God (CA-Fathers Know Best).
Mary is the Mother of God
How Can Mary Be the Mother of God?
Mary: Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church (from Catechism)

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Eternal Mother.
Mary, Our Mother. By Fr. William Most (EWTN)
Mother of All Christians (AC)
Mary as Our Spiritual Mother

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Full of Grace (CA)
Full of Grace By Fr. William Most
The Sinless Saint
Mary and Romans 3:28
The Immaculate Conception.
The Immaculate Conception of Mary. (CBA)
The Immaculate Conception. by Rev Charles Dickson, a Lutheran Pastor.
Mary's Freedom from the Fall
The Immaculate Conception: History of the Doctrine
Saint Thomas Aquinas on the Hail Mary. Explains the meaning of "Full of Grace".
St Albert the Great and the Conception of Mary
Orthodoxy and the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception
Refuting James White's Attack on the Immaculate Conception
The Immaculate Conception of Mary: What is it? Is it necessary? (BK)

Catholic Quick Questions on the Immaculate Conception
If Mary is sinless why couldn't she die for us?
If Mary is sinless why did she need the purification in the Temple?

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Mary: Ever Virgin
He's an Only Child
Brethren of the Lord (CA)
Mary's Perpetual Virginity
Mary's Perpetual Virginity by Jim Seghers.
Mary: Virgin and Ever Virgin. (CBA)
Full of Grace and Perpetual Virgin. (AU)
Perpetual Virginity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (COR)
The Perpetual Virginity of Blessed Mary (Against Helvidius) by Saint Jerome.
A Refutation of Matt Slick's Attack on Mary's Perpetual Virginity

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The Assumption. (EWTN)
The Assumption of Mary
The Assumption of Mary. (CBA)
The "Woman" of Revelation 12
Woman Clothed With the Sun
The Woman in Revelation 12 and Mary
Immaculate Conception and Assumption (CA)
Mary's Assumption: Irrelevant and Irreverent?
History of the Doctrine of the Assumption
Her Assumption Befits the Mother of God

Mary's Queenship (EWTN)
Mary, Queen of Heaven. (SJM) Biblical proof of Mary's queenship!
Kingship of Christ, Queenship of Mary in Scripture.

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Faithful Intercessor. (AC)
Mary as Mediatrix, by Father William Saunders
Mediatrix of all Graces. (EWTN)
What does "Mediatrix" mean?
Church Teaching on Mary as Mediatrix. (EWTN)
How can Mary be Mediatrix if Jesus is the one Mediator?
Dialogue on the Immaculate Conception and Mary as Mediatrix

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Note: This is a very complicated and controversial topic, with much debate on matters of theology and terminology, particularly the term "Coredemptrix". This Marian title is widely misunderstood (contrary to a recent Newsweek article, it does not make Mary equal to Jesus or a member of the Godhead!)

The following articles reflect the various sides of this controversy. While reading them, please bear in mind that Mother Church has not yet officially declared that Mary is the "Coredemptrix"; these articles primarily aim at defining terms and explaining/clarifying the discussion.

Co-redemptrix. (AU)
A New Marian Dogma?
A Mariology Too High (Contains an account of feminist misuse of the Coredemptrix concept.)
Mary - Coredemptrix Explained
Mary's Cooperation in the Redemption. by Fr. William Most (EWTN)
Mary Coredemptrix in Sacred Scripture
Theology Primer on the Fifth Marian Dogma
Mary's Part in Salvation and her Intercession.
Mary's Co-redemption: Will there be a new dogma soon?
Mariology (An untitled article from Inside the Vatican on Coredemptrix)
Defense of the Church's Teaching on Mary (CoRedemptrix)
Prospective Definition of the Marian Doctrine, Coredemptrix
Church Teachings on Mary's Cooperation in the Redemption of Mankind.
Response to a Statement of the Pontifical Commission on Mary Coredemptrix by Mark Miravalle, STD.
Letter Concerning The Dogmatic Definition of Mary as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate for the People of God

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Saint Worship? (CA)
Praying to the Saints (CA)
Mary, Why Honor Her?
Why Have Devotion to Mary
Defending Veneration of Saints.
Did Jesus Renounce His Mother?
Devotion to Our Lady and the Saints. by Father William Most
Mary and Tradition: Offensive to God?
Understanding Catholic Devotion to Mary, by Thomas Merton.
Do Catholics Really Worship the Virgin Mary? (SJM)
Virgin and Statue Worship Quizzes to a Street Preacher.
Catholic Encyclopedia: Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

Does Jesus dishonor Mary by calling her "Woman"? (NRC)
Why isn't there more Marian devotion in Paul's epistles? (NRC)
Does Jesus dishonor Mary in his response to "Blessed is the womb..." (NRC)
Aren't the images of Mary with the baby Jesus taken from pagan representations of goddesses with children?
Are we worshiping the Babylonian goddess Ishtar when we honor Mary as "Queen of Heaven" (Jeremiah 44)?

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Private Revelation
Apparitions of Mary. (CBA)
Are Apparitions Even Possible?
Evaluating Apparitions - Use Caution!
Must Catholics believe in Fatima?
Catholic Encyclopedia: Visions and Apparitions
"What should my attitude be toward the various Marian apparitions?"
"A woman in my prayer group claims that the Marian apparitions must be from God because 'the devil would never do anything which would draw people closer to God'."

The Rosary
Is the Rosary Biblical?
Private Devotions to Mary: The Rosary.
The Crowning of Mary. About May crownings.
Marian Devotions and Apparitions.
Devotion to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. (EWTN)
The Brown Scapular. (EWTN)
Is the Brown Scapular an "assurance of salvation"?

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Luther on Mary.
Martin Luther's Devotion to Mary.
Martin Luther's Devotion to Mary (Same title yet different article)
Three Protestant Reformers Write on Mary.
Column: Mary by James Hitchcock
The Place of Mary in Classical Fundamentalism.
Mary, the Bridge to Christian Unity. By Rev. Charles Dickson, a Lutheran pastor.
Why Is Mary Crying? A page-by-page refutation of an anti-Catholic tract!
Answer to an Anti-Catholic Tract: The Virgin Mary (BK)

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Further Defense of Mary (AC)
The Patristic Praise of Mary. (EWTN)
Visual Evidence of Early Christian Belief (AC)
Frequently Asked Questions about Mary. Note: the server is often slow, but if you get through this is pretty good.
Catholic Online Marian Pages

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