A woman who is in love may find joy in repeating her beloved's name, or spend long periods of time gazing into his eyes. In a similar way, Holy Mother Church - the Bride of Christ - lovingly and chastely contemplates various aspects of her Divine Bridegroom. Scripture portrays her in the Song of Songs as a young wife praising the beauty of various aspects of her beloved's physical appearance (Sgs 5:10-16).

This explains why the Church has devotions to certain titles, offices, and even body parts of Jesus (ie. Christ the King, Sacred Heart, Precious Blood, etc.). Such devotional practices are not entirely foreign to Protestants either; some of them, particularly Evangelicals, praise Jesus' Holy Name and may sing hymns about His saving Blood, His Wounds or Divine Kingship.

These devotions, centered as they are on Jesus' Sacred Humanity, implicitly affirm and celebrate the Incarnation. God the Son has become flesh; He has taken a human name (Yeshua="Joshua") and exalted it above every name (Philippians 2:12). he loves us with a human Heart and reveals the Father's glory in a human Face (2 Corinthians 4:6). He allowed His Body to be wounded for our sins, and still retains those battle scars like badges of honor in heaven. Devotions to these aspects of His Humanity help us to remember that He is God Incarnate, our very Brother.

Finally, such devotions reaffirm the goodness of creation, which God has chosen to permanently unite to His divinity.

The next few pages present some such popular devotions to aspects of Jesus' Sacred Humanity.

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