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Most of the visitors who sign the Guestbook for this site use it properly.  To such people I say "Thank you and, rest assured, the following message is not for you!".  It is only for the few who have been abusing the Guestbook lately.

The Guestbook exists to allow visitors to post comments about the web site.  It is not intended as a place to just advertise your site (although you can certainly place a link there along with your comments).  Because of the increasing use of the Guestbook to advertise other web pages, I have set up a Catholic Add-A-Link Page.  Feel free to advertise your Catholic site there (must be faithful to the Pope and Majesterium; see guidelines on the page).

 The Guestbook is also not the proper forum for questioning the teachings of the Catholic Church, and it is certainly not the place to advertise an anti-Catholic site!  I will not tolerate such obvious attempts to undermine the purpose of the Mystical Rose Catholic Page, which is to educate people about the truths of the Catholic Faith (and everything she teaches is absolute Christian truth!).

The proper forum for addressing objections to Church teaching is either private email or the Message Board, not the Guestbook!  If you have a problem with what the Catholic Church professes, either ask me personally or post it on the Message Board so that it can be discussed and answered.  Discussion is not possible on the Guestbook; it is not configured for such an exchange of ideas!

(Note: The Catholic Add-A-Link page is not for anti-Catholics sites either, this is explicitly spelled out on the page itself.  Such sites will be removed from there as well.)

In the future, any message in the Guestbook questioning Catholicism will be removed, and either posted on the Message Board or answered by an article on my web page.  This page will contain links to the latter. I do not want a challenge of Catholic truth to go unanswered; for Holy Mother Church can answer it!!!

So, if you have a comment about the Mystical Rose Catholic Page, here is a link to the Guestbook

Answers to Past Questions Posted on the Guestbook: Two Recent Ones I'm Working On

*  On 2000-02-28, Richard (email: wrote:

How can you call yourselves Catholic Christians when a person can ONLY BE CATHOLIC OR CHRISTIAN. HELL OR HEAVEN.

Answer In Brief:  The Catholic Church is the original Christian Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself.  Every other one, including whichever one Richard belongs to, has broken away from us.  "A river cannot rise higher than its source".  If we are not Christian than neither are the Protestants and everyone else who broke from us!

See:  Double Standards: The Anti-Catholic Definition of "Christian" and Is the Roman Catholic Church Christian? for further discussion.

*  On 2000-03-12, an anonymous Oneness Pentecostal posted links to his site.
Answer In Brief:  Oneness Pentecostalism (aka "Jesus Only" theology) denies the Trinity and twists the Bible to try to support its anti-Trinitarianism.  It is essentially a revival of the ancient Modalist/Sabellian heresy, but with a twist:  Oneness Pentecostals believe that the one Person in the Godhead is named "Jesus Christ"!  They also are opposed to using the baptismal formula Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:19, because they believe that people should be baptized in the name of Jesus alone.  Consequently, they do not consider anyone baptized unless they baptize them their way!  (The irony is, their baptisms are actually the invalid ones, because they do not use the Trinitarian formula!).

Here are pages which may prove helpful in countering their distortions:

Please ask the Holy Spirit, the Third PERSON of the ever-blessed and glorious TRINITY, to enlighten my mind and enable me to write fitting responses in defense of Holy Mother Church, of whom He is the Soul!
O my God, I firmly believe that You are one God in Three Divine Persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; I believe that Your Divine Son became Man and died for our sins, and that He will come to judge the living and the dead. I believe these and all the truths which the Holy Catholic Church teaches, because You revealed them, who can neither deceive nor be deceived.

If you have a comment about the Mystical Rose Catholic Page, here is a link to the Guestbook

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