Chances are you have seen other Catholic apologetics sites online.  If not, I recommend you check them out, since there are lots of great ones out there.  They thoroughly explain Catholic teachings on Tradition, baptismal regeneration, infant baptism, the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, devotion to saints, the perogatives of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and many othe points of contention between Catholics and Protestants.

If you have seen those sites, you may have noticed that this one is a little different.  It does not systematically deal with all the issues which divide Catholics and Protestants, and only goes into real depth about the Virgin Mary (a matter close to my heart).  Moreover, it tackles some issues which might seem "minor", such as whether one should recite the "Our Father", or whether Jesus only intended it as a general outline for prayer (as some, but not all, Evangelicals contend).

Well, one reason why this page is different is because I want it that way.  There are plenty of Catholic apologetics sites which go the usual route, and they are terrific!  In fact, they do such a fantastic job defending certain areas of the Faith that I don't really think I could improve on them.  So why should I waste time and precious bytes "reinventing the wheel", so to speak?

Since the other online apologists have the main topics pretty well covered, I decided to focus more on some "lesser" errors held by some (but not all) Evangelicals.  They may not be major issues like Tradition or the Real Presence, but they could still pose problems for Catholics who seek to explain and defend their Faith.  Even minor disagreements can become sticking points in the apologetics process.  (For instance, attempts to convince Jehovah's Witnesses that Jesus is God can be shipwrecked on the fact that the Watchtower teaches "soul extinction" at death.  The JW's will simply say "But Jesus died, and God cannot die or cease to exist, so Jesus can't be God!"  See how even a "minor" falsehood can cause real problems?)

That's why this page answers mostly smaller issues, rather than the "biggies".  Now that I've explained myself :-), why not sample some of the articles.

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