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Most Scripture quotations on this web site come from either the Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition (RSVCE) or the Bishop Challoner revision of the Douay-Rheims Bible (DV).  Quotations from other versions are explicitly noted as such.

The section entitled Catholic Teachings on Mary: A Defense quotes almost exclusively from the King James Version (KJV).  Here too, quotations from other versions are explicitly noted.


Most articles on this site are my composition.  Some contain endnotes, which credit the sources cited in the article.

The Prayer for Grace is a paraphrase of the Imitation of Christ Book III Chapter 55.  The quotes from the Imitation on the Blessed Sacrament and Divine Friend pages are also paraphrases.

The article Four Reasons why Intercourse is Not Essentially Sinful is a paraphrased excerpt from Thomas Aquinas' Summa Contra Gentiles 3:II:126.

I have endeavored to remain as faithful as possible to the original meaning of the texts when paraphrasing the above sections.

The excerpts from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Parts I, II and III) come from the Christus Rex Website. Thanks to Michael Olteanu, the Webmaster of Christus Rex, for the permission to place this text on my page.

(The English translation of the Catechism of the Catholic Church for the United States of America copyright © 1994, United States Catholic Conference, Inc. - Liberia Editrice Vaticana.)


As far as I know, all the graphics on this page are in the public domain, except for the ones which are copyrighted. These are clearly designated as such below and on the page where they are used. The rest were downloaded from sites which stated they were in the public domain, so they are used on this web site in good faith.

If you know that a certain graphic used on the Mystical Rose Catholic Page has a copyright though it is not so designated, please email me so that I can rectify the situation. Thank you.

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The Heraldic Rose "trademark" used on this web site came from Badger's Medieval Clipart Page. I used the rose gif to design the Heraldic Rose Background on this page and the other main pages (using Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2.0).

I created the current title banner on the Index Page using Paint Shop Pro 4.14 and Adobe PhotoDeluxe 3.0. Past banners came from The Banner Generator, a great resource.

The rose gif used as a bullet on the Index Page courtesy Phillip Pessar's Rose Garden.

The Cloud background on the Giver of Life page and the Blue Silk background on some of the Marian pages come from MacDaddy's Background Sampler and Tutorial page (The page seems to no longer exist; if it reappears I will provide a link to the new site).

The border and other graphics on The Blessed Sacrament page (except for the Image of Jesus) come from The Catholic Tradition

The Image of Jesus on The Blessed Sacrament page, and the Crucifix on the Holy Wounds page, came from Jesus Christ: Images, Art and Photgraphs).

The IHS Cross on the Holy Name of Jesus page comes from Timo's Christian Clipart Site.

Rose Banner on the Virtual Shrine to the Mystical Rose is copyright © Ralph Rhodes, from the IconBAZAAR page.

The "Rose Bouquet" gif on the same page and the "open Bible" gif on What God Says about Sex in Sacred Scripture page come from netCreators Icon Page!.

The image of the Paschal Candle on the Bridegroom and the Bride page is copyright © 1996 Thomas Scharbach. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

The striking picture of Christ on the Jesus, Our Divine Friend page is a reproduction of a mural in Sacred Heart Cathedral in Malaysia. Thanks go to the Cathedral and to Greg Matanjun for letting me use it.

The Icon of Christ the Savior in the Virtual Shrine of Jesus Christ was written by Isaac Fanous and is copyright © CoptNet, all rights reserved.

The picture of Our Lady Help of Christians on Virgin Most Powerful page comes from Devotos de María Auxiliadora ( Thanks to Auxiliadora García Bellorín for letting me use the jpeg.

The photo of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Virtual Shrine to the Mystical Rose, and the painting of her at the bottom of the Mystical Rose article came from the Our Lady of Guadalupe Web Site.

Some of the other images of the Blessed Virgin Mary on this website came from Our Lady's Gallery. They have a huge selection of traditional Catholic holy art and keep adding more every week or so! Check it out.

The picture of Mary at the top of the "Mystical Rose" article, and the picture of Our Lady of Help featured in the "Virgin Most Powerful" article are images from my personal collection. I scanned them and, as far as I know, they are in the public domain (If anyone knows of any copyright on these pictures, please inform me (

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